Zenodo is today the world's largest general-purpose research repository enabling any researcher around the world to participate in Open Science through a seamless user experience that allows them to share and preserve any research output. It was born in 2013 out of the partnership between CERN and OpenAIRE, a European Commission (EC) project whose mission is to foster the open science dialogue in Europe and beyond.

Past and present contributions from the EC and CERN allow Zenodo to offer a reliable and transparent service for its users. However, as Zenodo’s popularity increases, so grows the need for new features and expanded data storage. In order to meet the demands of our ever-growing community, Zenodo needs more contributions on top of those periodically received by the EC and CERN.

Since 2016, the CERN & Society Foundation has included Zenodo in its portfolio of projects and has helped us raise extra funds from additional partners. Thanks to these contributions, we are able to improve our service, provide more storage space, support the user experience and add more and more features.

The mission and policies adopted by CERN do not allow us to accept funds in exchange for a service. We can, however, accept donations, which will benefit the entire community. Contact us for more information.

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The CERN & Society Foundation is a Swiss private non-profit, whose mission is to spread the spirit of CERN scientific curiosity, for the inspiration and benefit of society.

The Foundation operates nationally and internationally to pursue its mission, across three main areas: Education & Outreach, Innovation & Knowledge Exchange, and Culture & Creativity. 

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